Seasons of Change

Through all the seasons of change and all the things that will never be the same; for all the clouds that turned into storms and ripples that turned into waves, you have continued to put your trust in the Light and Hope of a new day. And in the moments when you felt you could no longer go on because the pain was too much to bear, you put your faith in Love to carry you there. There, a place that you did not know and could not see but trusted that something else was meant to be. And while waiting for things to fall into place, you welcomed uncertainty with endless grace by believing that you were growing, even here, at a slow and steady pace. 

For all the plans that went awry and all the times that you had to say goodbye to an old life, an old friend, an old dream, you continued to believe in the endless possibilities. That maybe someday something would change and you would no longer have to brave the storm or the waves. But it is the waves that you brought you here, and it is the wind that whispers the journey of the wounded warrior. Wounded but not broken, damaged but not beyond repair, to be here, in the now, you have weathered every storm and rode every wave, you are a symbol of what it means to be brave.



Cindal MaComment