Finding Balance

“Work hard, play hard.”

“Eat a balanced diet.”

“Make more time for yourself.”

No matter where we go—work, home, a night out—there is a constant reminder that we need to find the perfect balance. There are numerous articles, books, and management courses about “Finding the Perfect Work/Life Balance for You and Your Employees” and tons of self-help advice on the “Importance of Solitude (while not closing yourself off completely)”—all promising you the magical wisdom of how to attain the middle-ground perfection while simultaneously being able to have it all.

I don’t know about you but I am exhausted. I am exhausted trying to grasp at the hairs of perfection while attempting to “do it all” and I am done feeling bad about not being able to do so.

So I’ve reached a conclusion: Finding the perfect balance is B.S.. By fixating on the end-goal and holding yourself to a near impossible (if not, impossible) standard of solely existing in the middle between two worlds causes unnecessary amounts of mental and emotional stress. Instead of spending all our time, energy, and emotions trying to draw that symmetrical line, let’s save ourselves the agony by accepting and embracing that it does not exist. We can find peace in simply acknowledging that the perfect middle-ground is unachievable and no longer hold ourselves prisoner to an impossible standard.  

Let’s instead choose to shift our mindset from needing to have the perfect balance to acknowledging our efforts in striving for balance. This slight change allows us to move our focus from the destination to the journey, creating opportunities to invite more self-love. Being able to notice an uneven balance in our work or personal life takes a large amount of self-awareness and is a vital step in finding balance. Rather than give ourselves grief over not doing the impossible, recognizing that we are in fact ahead of the game by being aware that the balance scale exists is definitely worth celebrating.

While our double-pan balance scale will never achieve an even weight on both sides and the line we draw will forever be unsymmetrical, we are striving to become the best version of ourselves and that’s amazing. The efforts we make daily, weekly, yearly are all worthy of celebration because we are doing our best and that is more than enough.