It Starts with 'I' and Ends with 'U'


If I were to ask you to make a list of all the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

When we were little, we only ever thought about ourselves—the bug we wanted to eat, the glue we needed to sniff, the gum that we just had to put in our siblings hair—but as we got older and our responsibilities grew, we started to put ourselves lower and lower on that priority ladder. We neglect self-care because we claim we just don’t have the time. Between studying for an exam, meeting a work deadline, taking care of the kids, and cooking a nutritious meal for dinner—where is the time? Our needs slowly shifted to the needs of others and without realizing how much time has passed, we cannot remember the last time we did something for ourselves.

Through no fault of our own, somewhere along the way we removed ourselves from our own priority list. How funny does that sound? We are not even a part of our own list.

The “I love you’s” that we say to others, starts with I and ends with U. So remember that while we run around every day to make sure everyone else is taken care of, send some of that love back to yourself.

I’m not telling you to put yourself first every time or even second, but somewhere on that list reserve a place for yourself. Let that place holder serve as a reminder that you need love too. We can receive and feel loved from others, but the love your body, mind, and soul craves the most is from you.

You know the best way to love you. So why not do it every once and awhile?