Why You’re Here

Berlin Wall (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin Wall (Berlin, Germany)

“So what do you to be when you grow up?”

‘What’ was always emphasized more than ‘Who.’ What do we have? What do we want? What are we going to be? Maybe this is why we spend so much of our lives wondering about who we are. We live in a society that is much more interested in what we have then who we are.

So we fall into a cycle of attainment: Achieve more to gain more to buy more to have more in order to be more than we are now.

It’s like we’re all playing on the same claw machine. We want to the toys in the clear plastic frame because everyone else wants the toys in the clear plastic frame. Even though we know the game is rigged, we put our coins in and desperately try to grasp at the shiny, new things. When others are successful but we are not, we pour even more time and money to try to win at a game that is unwinnable. There will always be more to gain, more to win, and more to achieve with new players coming in all the time to try their hand at the claw machine.

And I did this for a long time. I was a constant player at a game I didn’t even know I was playing. So when life decided to hit the big ol’ pause button on my plans and take away my quarters, I was left without a purpose. Time was no longer filled with work, to-do lists, or the constant desperation to grasp at the toys.

With all the time I suddenly had, I started to wonder why. Why I did the things I did ? Why I owned the things I owned? Why I wanted the things I wanted? And all of these questions resulted in a big resounding thud of “Why was I here?”

For the next year I would sit with this question of “Why?”

And I came to this. While a life’s purpose is unique to each individual, the way that we pursue it can be the same.

Leave your mark on the wall of our history as human beings.

To say “I was here,” even if it was just for a moment.

To imprint on this world you need not to find a cure, win a Nobel prize, climb the ladder of success, gain monetary achievement, or win all the toys in the claw machine.

You simply only need to live your life.

And in that life create memories with others.

Love and be loved.

Live and let live.

The power of human connection is the most remarkable thing we do.

While we may never make into the books of history, we can always make it into the history of others.

So leave your mark on someone’s wall.