The Bad Day Reminder


You know those days when you just wake up and you know it’s going to be one of those days?

From the moment you wake up you already feel like you’ve been through a whole day—emotionally and physically exhausted—but your day has only just begun.

You feel fragile and listless at the same time.

You feel everything and nothing.

You want to process how you feel but since you can’t give it a name, you can’t process it.

So we feel caught between expression and silence.

The impulse is to stay in bed until the exhaustion leaves you. You want to remain in the only space that seems comforting with the soft pillows and worn comforter, surrounding you in warmth and familiarity.

But you know what this is.

And staying in bed is not what you need right now.

The only way to move out of a place that doesn’t feel great is to put motion back into your mind, body, and soul. And that starts with making the bed. It’s the absolute last thing I want to do when I feel completely disoriented on the inside. But I do it because I know that when my mind tells me I’m a mess right now, I can remind myself that I have control over some aspects of my life and a nicely made bed is a great place to start (Also, making the bed requires that you get out of it).

Then, the next order of business is food. Food, on the good days or the not so good days, has this magical (and scientific) ability to boost your mood. So on the days when I’m feeling especially distraught, I make myself a more extravagant breakfast than usual. It’s my version of treating myself. Your version could be buying yourself a treat while you’re out and about or taking an extra long bath. My reasoning is that I may not be able to figure out what’s going on inside, but I can definitely make sure I’m full enough to give myself the brain power to work it out.

Lastly, I make sure I go outside. No matter what it is for, how long, or when—embracing the outside world can seem intimidating or particularly nerve-racking on those days, but has the ability to immediately change our environment and allow us an opportunity to leave any bad feelings we have at home. In other words, it can be a complete mood changer.

Something I make it a point to remind myself of on these days is while it may not feel great, it also serves as a reminder of what is no longer here. In order for me to have labeled today as a not so good day, must mean I’ve had some pretty good ones. Translation? This feeling, situation, and time is temporary.

And until this moment, day, or week passes, I will treat myself with even more love, compassion, and understanding than usual. I don’t fight the bad days because I know it’ll leave when it wants to. And until then I’ll just continue to do what I do.

It may take some extra effort, extra reminders, and digging deep for that motivation. But I’ll continue to do so.

Because I’m worth it.

And so are you.