How to Find the Highs in the Lows

(Paris, France) 2017

(Paris, France) 2017

You’re rushing out the house because you missed your alarm so you grab the pants from the day before, the shirt flung over your nightstand and shove your feet into any shoes that fit. In your flurry you forgot your one and only cup of coffee in the kitchen which sucked even more when some jerkweed cut you off on the freeway. All of which made you miss your exit so you came into the morning meeting non-caffeinated, late, and wearing shoes that don’t match. Awesome.

Then you roll over and hit snooze on your alarm. Good morning love.

You know those mornings when we wake up and have this sixth-sense feeling that it’s just going to be one of those days. We feel as though we’ve gone through a whole day physically and emotionally, but our alarm confirms it’s only 8 AM.

So how do we find the highs on the lowest of days?

#1 Pause

When our mind is cluttered and our emotions are in overload, actively stop. Whether that be through the physical action of putting your hands up, verbally telling yourself to “stop,” or doing a little dance, take a moment to pause. Having a surge of thoughts and emotions can be incredibly overwhelming, especially first thing in the morning, so before you get all caught up in your head take a moment to assess how you’re feeling internally and externally, honor what you need in this moment, and breathe.

#2 Acknowledge Your Power

Listlessness is not synonymous with powerless. We may feel as though we physically do not have the energy do anything but mentally we always have the power to do anything. We do not always have to be out there running those marathons, starting non-profits, and breaking those glass ceilings because while I love me a girl boss, I also love me a girlfriend. So let’s all be our own best friend and treat ourselves with kindness, compassion, and promise not to cut our potential short. You have the power to do anything that your heart desires.

#3 Create Your Starter Pack

We all want love. We all want hugs. So create your metaphorical hug with your go-to comfort pack. Your tried and trues that bring you joy or peace regardless of the situation—movies, tv shows, books, food, candles, baths—whatever it is, have that comfort-pack prepped in advance so you can pull it out any time you feel like you need a little pick-me-up.

#4 Set One Goal

Oof, I’ve been there. Feeling as though you are confined to your bed because doing anything else except continuing to lay there feels as though it’s going to take way too much energy. One of the absolute worst feelings is after giving in to your bed, you feel all guilt-ridden for having accomplished nothing.

So how do we feel a sense of accomplishment even when we have z-e-r-o energy to do so? Set out to accomplish something new.

For a whole 24-hours you have one and one goal only: Do something new. It can be as simple as trying out a new recipe, starting a book, trading in snack time for cleaning time, or changing out of those PJ’s—anything will do (except staying in your bed, you’re already doing that).

So let’s empower ourselves to create one goal that feels manageable while putting energy back into our mind and body.

#5  You Got This

You’ll bounce back. Your body and mind will balance out. You’re doing a great job. And until then, you can start a new trend of mismatched shoes.