10 Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Making

#1  Not wearing sunscreen

This is hands down my #1 mistake when I was younger. I refused to wear sunscreen because I found it fussy, time-consuming and unnecessary. My skin 10 years later would beg to differ. I have significantly more freckles and sunspots than I would like to at my age and I could have prevented them significantly if I had just let my mother smother my face in sunscreen. So let’s always wear sunscreen, okay? Even on those cloudy days those pesky UV rays can still get through!



#2 Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes

It’s easy to forget to wash your makeup brushes with all the other tasks we have to do during our day, but our makeup brushes can collect more dust and bacteria than you think! One of the best cleansers to wash your makeup brushes (and is sensitive skin friendly I might add) is First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cleansing Soap Bar. It works just as well as the BeautyBlender cleaner at a fraction of the price!


#3 Higher price means higher quality

It’s a trap I tell you!  They’ll list off all of these life-changing, skin-altering benefits to make you believe that the price is justified when in reality most of these products do very similar things at a wide range of prices. Don’t get me wrong, a love treating myself to a luxury skincare item from time to time and choose certain products in my skincare routine to splurge on, but you don’t need to go out and drop all your hard-earned cash on an entire skincare routine. There are thousands of products out there at all different price ranges, which means theres at least one product out there that is your perfect match!


#4  top ranked products suits me best

Ahh, Google. Full of the “Best eye creams, best moisturizers, I’m the best! Buy me!” pre-curated lists readily available to spend our money on. While these lists can be a great starting point, the rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. Everyone is unique, which includes our skin. These products are the highest ranked over a general population. So instead of Googling the “Best” in general, pinpoint your concerns (moisturizing, firming, plumping) and go from there.


#5  Oil is only for dry skin

When I had oily skin I thought that adding more oil was just bananas. Until I learned that oil is actually for everybody! That’s right you oily people out there, there’s oil for you too! Oily skin types will want to gravitate towards thinner oils like Rose Hip Seed Oil while dryer skin types will probably prefer heavier oils like Avocado oil. Incorporating oil into your skincare routine can regulate your oil production (less oily throughout the day), reduce scars and pigmentation, and keep your skin hydrated longer by penetrating moisture into the deeper layers of your skin.


#6 Not Drinking Enough Water

I used to drink one bottle of water a day if I was lucky. Then one summer I was sitting at my office most of the time so I drank water nonchalantly and ended up drinking over 8 bottles every day! When my skin started clearing up significantly after a few months, I vowed to never again doubt the power of water. If you want a little extra detoxifying effect, squeeze some lemon in your water! Or if you struggle with drinking water in general, I highly recommend getting a water bottle with a straw or a glass straw for your cups.


#7  Not double-cleansing

Looks clean so it must be clean? While we love applying our makeup in the morning, when we take off it off at night we may be leaving more behind than we think. The first cleanse takes off the makeup but what about the dirt, pollutants and oils? That’s why double cleansing is so important to remove the leftover residue that could be clogging our skin. My favorite product to do this is the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser. The creamy consistency does not strip your skin of moisture at all and leaves your skin soft and supple with the added benefit of a gentle makeup remover. 


#8 Washing your face in the morning

Between the last time you cleansed your face 8 hours ago and now, how dirty did it really get? When we sleep our skin produces a light layer of natural oils that appear on the surface of our skin in the morning. While our instant reaction is to wash it off so we have that nice, squeaky-clean feeling that actually does more harm to our skin than good. Instead of washing your face with a harsh cleanser that can leave your skin tight, I recommend taking a cotton pad, soak it in some toner, and then wipe your face with it. This removes any excess oils while leaving our skin hydrated and plump.



#9 Not cleaning your phone

If you’re anything like me we have our phone in our hands for the majority of the day and probably don’t realize all that it goes through. From the germs on our hands to the germs on the surfaces we rest them on, our phones are one of the most bacteria filled places. So when you can wipe down your phone with a disinfectant wipe or even a makeup wipe!


#10 Nighttime is more important than daytime

We tend to pamper of skin at night so that when we’re sleeping, our skin can reap the benefits of our hard work. Our nighttime routine is important but our daytime is just as, if not more, important! Our skin goes through a lot during the day—sun exposure, drying AC, pollutants and dust—so the proper preparation is necessary so that our skin is ready to face the day (pun intended).