5 Books to Beat Your Procrastination



#1 The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield (The Kick in the Butt)

If you feel like you’ve gotten yourself into the rabbit hole of procrastination then this is the book for you. This is a no bullsh*t, tells you like it is, and is a really a kick in the butt to get you moving. Pressfield renames the Self and the Ego in more digestible terms, the Pro and Resistance. Resistance is defined as anything and everything that keeps you from doing the work—the voice of fear, responsibility, etc.—and the only way to beat resistance is to show up. Pressfield illustrates the power of showing up and doing the work, paying no attention to the outcome, is how you beat Resistance. Because being in the game at all is better than not even coming near the playing field.  



#2 Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert (The Support)

In our lives we have moments where we feel unsupported when leads to feelings of unease and insecurity. Whether the author intended it this way or not, this book is a 276 pages of support. Through each step of her creative process, Gilbert identifies reasons for hesitation and sends it on its way with a hug. Gilbert explains how she acknowledges the demons of fear and allows them to coexist within the realm of creativity. She releases the pressure, stress, and expectations around the end result so you are free to just be and do however you see fit. If you feel that you need a book that you need less of a stern talking to and more of a friendly reminder, this is the one.   



#3 You are a Badass by Jen Sincero (The Confidence Booster)

Okay so now we’ve gotten moving, found support, but are still a little shaky in getting out there. Sounds like we need a confidence boost to get us past the door and this book says ‘confidence booster’ right in the title. Sincero asks readers to imagine their ideal life and then from that moment on, make a commitment that every action done will be towards making that ideal life happen. Positive vibes attract your tribe and all that good karma. If you continue to focus your positive energy on achieving your ideal life and love yourself like no ones business, it will happen. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.


#4    Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (The Inspiration)

If you find yourself lacking in inspiration to go into the unknown, this is the book for you. This is a true story about Elizabeth Gilbert’s life and her journey through self-discovery, love, and travel. I bought this book during my solo travels in Rome and it became my friend for the rest of my travels throughout Italy for the following weeks (very cliché I know). The strength of this book lies in the authenticity of the writing that allows the readers to identify themselves within the story, forming a feeling of kinship between reader and writer. Some critics regard the story as unrealistic but I think unrealistic or not, highlight reel or not, the story has the power to inspire others to give themselves permission to put themselves first (crazy, I know) and rediscover joy in their lives, wherever that takes them.



#5 The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu (The Grounder)

So now we got off our couch, got some confidence and support, and found some inspiration and were all ready to go out into the world and do what we want to do. But with what intention? The Book of Joy, above all else, gives you some perspective about what, when, why, and how we do things in our daily life. This story can make you question anything and everything in your life (it’s great) but it also has the ability to regroup and refocus your energy on things that genuinely bring you happiness. If you’re open to it, that is. This book is of a conversation between two spiritual leaders that dives into weighted topics like adversity, suffering, forgiveness, gratitude and many others that contribute to and against us achieving a sense of joy. If read with an open mind, I believe that through this book you will feel connected to some topics and possibly against others but use this book as a reminder for how and with what intention we live our lives.