How to Increase Your Creativity


#1 Dress like the Work You Want to Create

I know this sounds crazy but whenever I have writer’s block I think about the character I’m trying to write and think about what she would wear, how she would act, etc. I embody this character in my whole being and the writer’s block starts to move. My usual writing attire consists of last night's pajamas with my hair awry. And I'm asking creativity to come to me? I wouldn't! So I put a brush through my hair and put on my uniform of the day. If I want a piece to give femme fatale, badass vibes I dress like a femme fatale, badass. It may sound crazy or genius, but who cares. If it works, it works.


#2 Steal

I think that the misconception about creativity is that a true creative will produce never done before kind of work. Wrong. Every idea comes from somewhere. Each idea or topic has been done before at some point in time by someone or something out there. But here's the plot twist: What you do with that idea is unique to you. That idea becomes yours. Whatever you create is yours and yours alone.  So take inspiration from anywhere and anything you see fit. Then take it as far as you can go.


#3 Turn it Upside Down

Literally. Take it and flip it. Putting this in terms of photography, think about the most common way someone would take a photo. Then do the opposite—take it from the left, right, upside down, on the floor, etc.—it could turn out like crap or it could be amazing. We all of aesthetics that appeal to us and a lot of those elements make a reappearance in our work, and that's totally okay! We like what we like. But sometimes it's worth while to take a different approach that might take you to a place that's uncomfortable but it's often when we're uncomfortable that growth takes place.  


#4 Believe that Your Work Loves You Back

This is something I read in one of my favorite books and it makes a whole lot of sense. If you love what you do, let’s say writing, but do not believe it loves you back you’re creating a one-way relationship. You’re essentially saying that no matter how much you love your creativity and the work it produces, creativity is completely indifferent to you. But how could creativity be indifferent to you when it decided to break into your subconscious and get you so interested in something that you can’t help but produce creative work? If that’s not love I don’t know what is. Why would creativity choose to be planted within you if it didn’t love you back? It could have chosen any being to inhabit, and it chose you. This work that you are creating wants to be made, and it wants to be made by you.


#5 Release

You can’t expect your creativity to feel safe coming out if you’re trying to pull it out by its ears. Remove the pressures your putting on creativity to be an earth shattering, groundbreaking, life-altering phenomenon. Release your creativity from their handcuffs of expectations, breathe deep, and allow your creativity to roam freely throughout your mind and body.