My 7 Summer Make-up Staples

This Summer is turning out to be one of the hottest yet and if you’re anything like me and are extremely heat intolerant you want to wear the least amount of clothing and make-up as possible. 

While I do go make-up free at least half of the week just to let my skin breathe, when I do feel like going the extra mile and playing with some make-up I have seven items I always put on without fail. So here are my 7 Summer make-up staples to keep you looking like a glowy, healthy, flower-child this Summer. Hope you enjoy!!

If I could only wear one make-up item the rest of my life it would hands down be eyeshadow. Eyeshadow to me is like painting your eyes, and I kinda love it. I love the warm terracotta shades of this palette that I think is suitable for Summer and Fall. The palette includes two neutral brown shades which I use daily, a deep maroon color for when I’m feeling adventurous, and two sparkly shades to give your eyelids that extra sparkle this Summer. 

During the hotter months I prefer to not wear foundation often because my face tends to feel stuffy, so I opt for a full coverage, long wearing concealer instead. Since their release in 2017, I have been a loyal fan of this concealer in the shade Crème Brulèe . While this can be slightly drying for the under-eyes since it is more a matte formula, as long as you hydrate beforehand with the proper skincare this concealer will be your one and done. I put this concealer under my eyes, around my nose to cover the redness, and on any spots I may have from acne scarring.

Set the concealer with some translucent powder of your choice, and your base is completed! This powder, while it is very finely milled, has light reflecting particles that makes your skin look airbrushed, it's honestly not worth the high price tag. I've been trying to use up this jar for almost two years now so it's in my Summer staples for setting powder but just use any powder that you love!  

BROWS!! Since I was a little girl and started to play with makeup my mother would tell me that eyebrows framed the face. And she was right!  I’ve rotated brow products over the years,  but since this brow pencil in Shade 3 I haven't looked back. It is has been the perfect hair color match for me (I go one shade lighter then my hair color) and the best at filling in my sparse brows while being able to do that sharp tip at the end. 

While I’ve been in an on-again-off-again relationship with blush, the blush that I’ve come back to time and time again is the this blush right here. While it is a powder formula, when it is applied on the cheeks it looks like a cream. It has amazing staying powder and seamlessly blends into the skin. The shade I love right now is Melon Pop, it’s like a light coral, sorbet like color with very subtle light shimmer. It's the perfect shade to give that healthy flush of color. 

Ah, my summer love, highlighter. With the sun shining into the late evening, a good highlighter can give you that glowing from within look all day long. This stick type highlighter melts into the skin when applied with your fingers, Beautyblender, or just straight onto your face. This won't give you a blinding highlight, but it gives a more natural, glow from within look that can be built up slightly.  I like to pop it on my cheeks, brow bone, the inner corners of the eyes and my cupids bow for that all over glow. 

I'm not really one for touch-ups throughout the day so a tinted lip balm is my go to. This is the only tinted lip balm I've found so far that doesn't leave my lips feeling dehydrated so to finish the look I swipe on my and I'm good to go! I prefer tinted lip balms over lipsticks or lip stains because it keeps my lip moisturized while adding a slight tint of color, all with no need to reapply so frequently. 

Well that's a wrap on my 7 Summer Make-up Staples this Summer! What are your Summer make-up essentials?