22 Things I’ve Learned at 22



We are constantly changing throughout the years, so the relationship we form with ourselves and the way that we practice self-love will change too.

#2 Denying yourself rest does not make you a hero. It only makes you tired.

I used to believe that if I was able to constantly “perform” without pausing to take a breather, that would make me more valuable as an employee, student, or human-being. But it didn’t. It just left me feeling exhausted and unacknowledged.  

#3 Life will continue to present you with opportunities to learn the same lesson until you prove you have learned it.

#4 Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with anyone.

I am a naturally passive-aggressive person but throughout the last year I have really learned the importance and benefits of simply having a conversation with someone (no matter how uncomfortable confrontation makes me). It requires you to be honest about what you need from others and what they need from you. My relationships with others have improved significantly and most importantly, so has the relationship I have with myself.

#5 Love is the most important thing we do—to ourselves and to others. It is never wasted.

#6 It’s okay to let people go—especially toxic ones.

It doesn’t mean they are a bad person or you’re a bad person for letting them go. It just means they are not the right person for you.

#7 You can forgive someone, love someone, want the best things for them and still move on without them (Thanks for teaching me this one Amy!)

#8 Be patient with yourself. You’re doing a great job.

In the past when I experienced a setback or I was not making as much progress as I wanted to, I would consider myself a failure. But I was wrong. It’s all part of the journey so treat yourself with patience, acceptance, and compassion.

#9 No one can do exactly what you do in the way you do it. You are f*cking amazing.


#10 Always remember what you deserve and walk away from those that do not give that to you.

#11 Your parents are learning too.

I used to get mad at my Mom all the time for not intuitively knowing what to do or what to say--but it’s her first time being a parent. They’re learning along the way.

#12 Being okay does not have to mean being happy.

You can be sad, angry, and depressed too. We can define anything on our own terms.

#13 Having a plan does not mean having control.

We can never control everything.

#14 Our mind is an extremely powerful thing.

#15 Everything will be okay eventually.

I used to hate it when people said this to me. I thought that it was an insensitive way to brush off tough situations. But this past year it has really proven to be true and something I constantly remind myself. There is always a Yin to a Yang.

#16 Surround yourself with people that love you the way that you want to be loved.

#17 Be present.

We can spend a lot of time getting caught up in the future and obsessing about the past, but we only have right now to experience the present.

#18 It’s not that you don’t have time. It’s that you don’t make time.

#19 Speak up. Voice your opinions, tell others what you need, say something bothers you if it does.

I used to be afraid of telling people what I really thought in fear that they wouldn’t like me or I would offend someone. So I just bottled it all up, but I wasn’t doing myself justice. You have the right to set yourself free and if others cannot respect your opinion, those people are not your people.

#20 Misfortune is an opportunity to practice gratitude.

We can easily make a list the things of all the things that are wrong in our life, but it would not make us feel any better. So count the amount of things you have to be thankful for, not your problems.

#21 Be kind.

You never know what kind of battle someone is facing.  

#22 Never feel guilty for starting over.

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