To You


To You:

It’s been 1 year since my first post on this website.

365 days, 8760 hours, and 525600 minutes that I’ve spent on this journey of self-inquiry.

I would love to tell you that this path has gone in an upward linear trajectory, but it’s been more like a first grader's doodle of a dog that looks more like a cow—not what was intended, but beautiful none the less.

In the beginning, writing was my way of coping with how much I was struggling both externally and internally. Writing was my chosen medium to make sense of some unexpected turns in my life that left me feeling pretty lost. It became a way to process everything from the good to the bad and before I knew it, writing turned into daily practice.

When I started writing almost 2 years ago, I never thought I would share my work with anyone, let alone publish it online. There was never a moment when I considered my writing anything more than simply venting. The words that I scribbled onto journals, jotted down on the sidebar of my notebooks, and furiously typed onto Word documents were just for me. I treated my writing as a diary, believing that it was all too raw to be revealed to anyone and saved them in a hidden section of my desk to ensure they would be read by me and only me.  

Throughout my first year of writing, I was able to find acceptance, seek closure, and heal from my past. Through turning my random jumble of words into actual sentences, I was able to bring myself into a much better place and realized if my words did that for me, then maybe it could do the same for someone else.

There have been so many of you that have reached out to me just to say thank you or to tell me you’re in the same boat and that has meant more to me than anything else has in my entire life. Through sharing my personal story and views on the world, writing has allowed me to be able to connect with others and most surprisingly, myself. I began writing to figure out who I was but discovered that it is in the moments when I’m writing that I feel as though I have come home.

So I wanted to dedicate a special post to you, the person reading this, to thank you. Thank you for coming along on my journey of self-discovery. Thank you for giving me purpose, life, and love. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone.

Happy 1 year anniversary, and here’s to many more.