To the Person Who's Waiting for the Moment After

(Interlaken, Switzerland)

(Interlaken, Switzerland)

To the Person Who's Waiting for the Moment After:


Picture this:

“When I get x…achieve y…get recognition for z…then I’ll be happy.”

“I repeat this to myself like an anthem, taking comfort in those statements and proceeded to go about the life that I’m ‘okay’ with because of future rewards that will bring me happiness.”


Sound familiar?


But here's the snag in our plan: We bet our current happiness on a future does not exist.


If this future where my happiness lied hadn’t come to exist yet, then in reality my current happiness didn’t exist either.

I hung onto the present moment carrying the happiness of the future and went about my day.

I continued this constellation prize way of thinking for so long it became a habit and

years later I realized I wasn’t happy at all. So where did that leave me?


It’s not that I never reached at least some of my “When this happens…I’ll be happy”, it’s just when I did, it was never enough.

My moments of happiness were fleeting, so I created another “When this, then that” benchmark to reach and continued marching forward, waiting for lasting happiness to come to me.


I continued to hold my happiness in the future before realizing the reason for doing that was because those goals never made me happy to begin with.


We live in a society that is embedded with the more is more mindset.

More money, more power, more success.

And all of these things are supposed to lead to our happiness.

So why did I feel like the black sheep of society when having all of those things never made me happy?


Are we chasing money, power and success with the façade of chasing happiness or is it the other way around?


“If I get that promotion, then I’ll be happy”

“If I make x amount of money by 25, then I’ll be happy”

“If I achieve x, then y


If happiness is what were chasing, why does it come second to everything else?


Basing our happiness in the future is like putting all our eggs in one basket.

We get into the habit of betting our happiness like poker chips.

We sacrifice our happiness now for a bigger payout in the future.


Don’t cheat yourself of happiness that you could be experiencing right now to chase some benchmark goal with happiness as a constellation prize.


Make your happiness in the present moment a priority.

Making finding joy in life a priority.

Make yourself a priority.





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