To the Person Who Stays in Their Comfort Zone


To the Person Who Stays in Their Comfort Zone:


Today I finished reading You’re A Badass by Jen Sincero and one of the main parts of the book is to tell you to imagine your ideal life.

Then it tells you to do everything you can from this point forward to achieve that life. The idea is based around the law of attraction, positive energy + action = positive karma.


Then it got me wondering, if I know what my ideal life looks like whether that be now or in the future, then why am I not doing anything to make it happen? More importantly, why am I not willing to do anything to make it happen?




Uncomfortability is found at the crossroads between the boundaries of Growth and the Comfort Zone.

The Comfort Zone is like an old, worn in sweater—comfortable and familiar—the item of clothing you never give away even it’s fraying at the sleeves or unraveling at the neck.

Growth feels like throwing out your favorite 20-year-old sweater for a brand new one, that while it’s the latest trend, you argue that it’s not as nice as your worn-in one.


But you’re not throwing it out; you’re expanding your diameter of your Comfort Zone.

Maybe it stretches a little bit forward and back.

Maybe a little sideways.

Maybe you have one foot in and one foot out.

Maybe only your toes have breached the border.


Wherever your feet are, I encourage you to breach that border.

Stretch that diameter.

Or just jump over the line with both feet over the line and strike a little power pose.


Because you got this.

No ones asking you to throw out your favorite sweater.

It just might be worth it to try some newer ones.


Because you never know.

A new sweater could become your old favorite.