To the Person Who Never Looks Up

Piazzale Castel San Pietro (Verona, Italy)

Piazzale Castel San Pietro (Verona, Italy)

To the Person Never Looks Up:


When was the last time you looked at the sky?

The most reliable, consistently changing, closest thing we have to real perfection in this world—the sky will never betray you, the sky is illuminated with the moon at night and shines with the sun during the day. 


When was the last time you looked at the sky?

What does it look like now?

Is the sun rising? Illuminating the sky with comforting warm colors, whispering gently that the night has passed.

Is it bright blue? Or have clouds painted the sky with soft white and grey?

Has the darkness settled, and the stars risen to accompany the moon tonight?

Creating the closest thing to perfection I’ve seen in this lifetime—a million dollar painting, cast across the sky, just for you.


Wherever or whenever you are right now, I hope you feel what I do when you look at it.

To me, the sky is one of the most reliable things in this world.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week it watches over you.

Whether it be the thing that guides you, protects you, or provides you comfort.

On this Earth in which the sky wraps all around us like a giant hug, if you are lonely today remember that for however many moments you look at the sky, there are millions of people around the world doing the exact same thing.

You are connected in those moments.

And through those connections, we feel less alone.




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