To the Person That Needs a Push

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

To the Person That Needs a Push:


To be honest I’m not a huge fan of change.

I like the familiarity of consistency and the comfort that that brings.

But every once in a while I get this urge to do something different.

As if my subconscious had planted a seed that sparked a new idea that lit a fire somewhere in my body telling me that now is the time.


Do you ever have those moments?


Where you feel as if your whole body is practically shaking from adrenaline and the only way to release it is to do the thing that your body desires?


I may make it sound that these moments of complete inspiration compel me to do something earth shattering but most of those aren’t.

Some of them are just to watch a movie or go to the library but they are all rooted in a deep desire to just do them.


When I know I want to do something, sometimes I put it on the backburner and inevitably forget about it.

But when I want to something bad enough, my mind doesn’t let me forget it and my subconscious has a way of bringing the desire up front and center so I can no longer ignore it.


It demands my attention.

And keeps my attention until I fulfill it’s request.


I don’t know if you believe in forces beyond our control but that’s the closest I ever got to feeling magic.


Have you ever felt it?

And if you have, did you fulfill it’s request or did something keep you from doing so?


There are an endless amount of reasons our mind can come up with to prevent us from just going for it.

Our minds can conjure up anything and everything to prevent us from taking action. The TV shows you just have to marathon right now, the house that has to be cleaned, the YouTube videos that you want to catch up on, the closet cleaning you’ve been meaning to do for the last 2 years—trust me, you can find anything to do that isn’t what your whole body is screaming at you to do.

Out of fear our bodies hesitate and within that hesitation our minds come up with evidence to support our hesitation.

Yes! You absolutely need to organize your spices cabinet right now!

I’ve actually done that. At which, about mid-spice cabinet organization I couldn’t believe what I was doing and with gusto I set down the cinnamon and got to work.


For the millions of reasons your mind comes up with to support your hesitation, the only way to silence the voices is to get to work. Magic doesn't always hang around and wait for you to get to it, it can disappear as fast as it came, so why waste time with the ordinary when you have the chance to do something extraordinary? 




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