To the Person Who Lights Up My Life


To the Person Who Lights Up My Life:


I’ve redone this letter over and over, pondered over how exactly to describe the way I feel, find the words to describe who you are and what you mean to me and I realized there’s just no way.


So let me tell you a story instead.

Twenty-two years ago a girl was brought into this world and five years later as their hands intertwined, became friends with a small, chubby-faced girl with black hair and brown eyes.

Fast-forward thirteen years later, and they became best friends.


Throughout the years while the details of their adventures faded, the way that girl made her best friend feel never did.


She brought the light that she carried within her.

She brought the warmth of her unconditional love.

She brought the beauty of her smile.

She brought the kindness of her heart.

She brought the loyalty of her spirit.

She brought the empathy she held her eyes.  


As her friend watched her throughout the years she could not help but feel that her beauty and her light grew brighter, even on the darkest of days, they never burned out.

The girl acquired more scars as she grew older but became more beautiful with each one.


While the girl and her best friend embarked on their own journey, their hands remained intertwined.


And to this day, they still are.


Soul mates are not just found in our romantic partners, but in each other.

The love of your life does not have to be the person you are in love with.

The one you were destined to meet does not have to be the one you marry.


My soul-mate, the love of my life, and the person I was destined to meet is my best friend.


Who’s someone that lights up your life?




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