To the Person Who Feels like They Need Some Direction

Clock at Musée d'Orsay  (Paris, France)

Clock at Musée d'Orsay (Paris, France)

To the Person Who Feels like They Need Some Direction:


Do you believe in coincidences?

I do.

I believe that coincidences are ways that the universe sends you signals. And how you read the signals is completely up to you.


While I’m preparing breakfast in the morning I listen to my favorite podcast, Optimal Living Daily.

The past two days as I’ve listened to them I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a coincidence.


These days I sometimes wonder if I’m going in the right direction. Not saying that there is a “right” or “wrong” way to live your life, quite the opposite. Everyone has their own way to live their life. Imagine a ball of yarn cut right down the middle, each string cut once or multiple times and this results in the yarn ballooning out in all directions.

This is how I like to imagine everyone lives their lives. We are all connected in this world by the mere fact that we are human and will go through similar ups and downs in our lives but the direction that we choose to embark on is unique to each person.


So as I was saying, I was listening to the first podcast yesterday morning and I was a day behind so I backed up to Saturday’s podcast and it was about how to break free of the worry trap that kept us from changing our lives for the better—a topic that I had just written about the night before.


Ah, it’s probably just a coincidence, I thought as a brushed off that kinda spooky, sixth-sense feeling I was getting.


This morning, I listened to the second podcast and it described a story of a man who realized that while he had everything that by society standards made him “successful” he was living out someone else’s life. This reminded me of the first post I ever wrote on this blog about my reason for starting over and getting my sh*t together.


Coincidence or sign?

I just decided to take it as a sign from the universe answering the question that’s been on my mind for the past week.


Am I going in the right direction?


At the end of the second podcast the reader asked, “Are you living your life?” I didn’t think I was before (refer to my first post Getting My Sh*t Together), because I wasn’t even sure what “living” meant. I used to think it was checking off the checklist of success.


But now, I spend my days writing, editing, taking photos, cooking, spending time with family—a simple, pretty uneventful life. And by society’s standards, I’m not successful. And that means I’m also not supposed to be happy, right?


Wrong. I’ve truly never felt more myself in my life. I spend my days doing things that I care about and that bring me a lot of happiness. So when I answered the podcast’s question “Are you living your life?” I simultaneously answered my own.


I’m going in the right direction because I feel as if I’m living my life because I spending time doing things that I’m passionate about.


Some days that voice wants to chime in telling me to get that stable nine-to-five job and resume checking off society’s success checklist but my inner voice shuts it up because at the end of the day I know I would be happier being my own version of success then somebody else’s.




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