To the Person Who is Having an Off Week

Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy


To the Person Who is  Having an Off Week:


What do she mean by an off week?

When you’re just not feeling yourself because life’s maybe been a little shitty (or a flat out shit storm), you feel anxious and stressed over everything and can’t seem to make the feeling go away, you haven’t been sleeping well so your emotions are a little all over the place—for whatever reason you’re having an off week, I am hugging my computer hoping it reaches wherever you are.


When you have an off week, month, year—the easiest thing to do is to throw in the towel and sit on your couch and wallow. And I mean really wallow. Give life the old middle finger, ask the universe why these events are unfolding, and sink deeper and deeper into the couch.


Hey I’ve done it too, I threw myself a big ol’ pity party and asked the world in all my anguish why I all of these shitty things were happening to me. I felt like I had the right to do that, after all these events were happening to ME, right? So in all my righteous anger I blamed the universe while simultaneously pleading with it to make it all stop.


And you guessed it, it didn’t exactly work. Not because I didn’t plead hard enough or beg long enough—it’s because instead of choosing to move forward I kept reliving the pain and anguish of the traumatic events by blaming the universe for months.


By begging and pleading with the universe about the shitty events that happened to me I kept reliving those shitty events every single day.

Instead of trying to move on I chose to use my righteousness as an all access pass to self-pity.

While I thought that was all I could do at the time because I physically couldn’t do anything else, it definitely didn't help me feel any better.


Sometimes we have circumstances that cause us to have physical limitations to things that we can do. Whether that is because of money or because of an illness. In those moments of high emotions we have two options: We can be angry for not being able to do things or be happy that we can still do other things. What your body tells you you can physically do is completely separate from how you can choose to feel about it, think about it, and definitely take action about it.

If I had continued to spend time and energy towards worrying about the things I might not be able to do ever again or blaming the universe for the series of unfortunate events, the list of things I "could not do" would have grown and the series of unfortunate events would have kept happening. If I continued to be caught up in the cycle of anguish and blame, I would have never took action to change my life. 

There are events and circumstances that are far from ideal. But if you can’t change what has happened then why dwell on why it did? That’s a lot of energy wasted.


Instead of using that energy to b*tch or do some further butt imprinting on your couch, what do you think would happen if we got off that couch where our butt has made an imprint and do something to make ourselves feel better?


Feeling angry?  Go for a run, do some kickboxing, scream into a pillow, breathe.

Feeling sad? Write about it, do some painting, take a walk outside, breathe.

Feeling overwhelmed? Do some yoga, listen to some music, go hug someone, breathe.

Feeling anxious? Journal, read a book, talk to someone, breathe. 


If none of these options are working for you then go find some that vibe with you and tell me all about it.


I know the last thing you want to do when you feel like sh*t is get up. Especially when you’re couch has been perfectly broken in. But the only thing that couch can do for you is to help you wallow.

Don’t be a wallower.


Use that energy and channel it towards something.

If you want to start feeling better, take action in your life to try to make that happen.

Maybe not one singular event can make you feel better right away, but a handful of actions might.

And even if they don’t you’ll probably feel a heck of a lot better doing something about it then sitting on your couch b*tching about it.




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