To the Person Who Constantly Has Headphones On

Hyde Park (London, England)

Hyde Park (London, England)


To the person who constantly has headphones on:


Did you ever realize the music the world around you makes every day?


I’m not talking about what’s currently trending on the radio or what type of EDM was playing at the club—I’m talking about the sounds you hear when you remove those noise-cancelling headphones and listen.


Have you ever noticed what sounds the earth makes when the wind blows?


The wind blows through the trees only to make leaves fall and fallen leaves summersault across your lawn, onto the street, carried away by driving cars creating a tornado of leaves—only to end up on someone else’s lawn and the cycle repeats itself.

While I too have been guilty of putting in both of my headphones to cancel out the world around me, every time I unplug for a while I find myself asking why I ever wanted to cancel out the world in the first place.

Yes I still hear the car alarms and the traffic, the screaming toddlers and rude remarks of someone who’s just having one of those days—but looking at all of those microscopic things in a larger lens—it’s just the sounds that our world makes daily to let us know this are same ol’ same ol’.

The conversations held by the people sitting next to you at dinner, the people you see walking on the opposite side of the road, the cars you pass as you cross the street—all of these interactions you see, all of the noises you hear are all just small aspects that come together to make up this large world. What you see and hear daily is just a small part of it.

Does anyone else find that fascinating?

The things you see and hear, the person you pass—it may be the first, last or 30th time you’ve done it—we need only to unplug from our media driven world long enough notice it. And maybe even appreciate how fascinating we are in this system of the world.

Beauty can be found in any aspect of this world. Appreciation of this beauty can happen at any moment you choose to feel it.


You need only to listen and see the world through a different lens.





Cindal MaComment