To the Person Who Chases a Daydream


To the Person Who Chases a Daydream:

Where do you go when you want to escape reality?

I’m referring to those things we call daydreams.

Who are you in your imaginary world?

Are you a world traveler? Entrepreneur? Writer?

I always found that our daydreams give us more insight into our deepest desires than we think.

When our reality leaves us feeling out of control and helpless, our mind creates a world in which we have complete jurisdiction.

When we feel powerless against the unexpected, existing in a space that allows us to have complete control can become addicting. We can grow an extreme attachment to this sense of power and slowly begin to increase our amount of time spent daydreaming.

Fueled by our desire to ignore what is, we can easily lose ourselves in what is not.

Our fantasy world acts like a consolation prize for what we actually desire; It can allude us into believing that our dream is just out of arm’s reach and we can become satisfied with this notion. Using the feeling of complacency as an excuse to not pursue the dream in reality.

I used to spend a lot of time daydreaming. In my daydreams I used my thoughts to escape reality by imagining who I could be, where I could go, and what I could do. I used that space to conquer fears, succeed at something extraordinary, and gain recognition from others. I would become satisfied with the feeling of accomplishment that I would gain from the daydream and let that keep me from making any efforts to try to achieve that dream in reality. I felt that it required less time and effort to continue daydreaming then to actually do the work and make the effort in my actual life.

It was easier living in the fantasy than having to attempt it in reality. In my imagination there were no obstacles, hurdles, or bumps in the road. The unexpected never occurred. I loved the amount of power I drew from this sense of security and attributed that feeling to the courageous acts I would attempt in my daydreams.

Dreams are such a beautiful thing and can make us feel that we have an unbelievable amount of power. Certain situations in our lives can make us feel that we have absolutely no control, and to a certain extent we are correct. We do not have control over the unexpected. However, the key is to remember that we do have the power. The power to decide.

We have the power to decide where our future takes us by making efforts in the present towards our goals. We cannot control external factors in our reality like we can in our daydream nor can we prevent the unexpected. But we can release our desire to control the unexpected and move forward with the mentality that we can control what we can (our own decisions) and let go of what we cannot (unexpected events).

By doing so, when a roadblock, obstacle, or bump in the road occurs we are not completely thrown off course or discouraged. We expected the unexpected. So we can approach the obstacle with a calm mind and assess the best way to handle the situation. If we can do something about it, we do. If we cannot, we let it go. Then continue on our way, unfazed.

If our daydreams take us to Paris, we could dedicate a certain amount of money each month towards a Paris trip. Even if it’s just $1, it symbolizes our efforts in working towards our dream, rather than being satisfied with a fantasy.

If we dream of opening our own business, we can begin making connections, getting experience, taking out a loan, and doing research, which allows us to start crafting a plan on how to make the dream happen.

We could get moving instead of just dreaming.

We can dedicate ourselves into putting in the work rather than be satisfied with a consolation prize.

Our dreams are too beautiful to just let them exist in our mind.



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